Målerås are a place with 250 inhabitants. The Community is laying in Nybro municipality, Kalmar County.

Målerås is a genuine factory place where glass manufacturing has been the biggest the last 100 years. At the most 600 peoples lived in Målerås.


Målerås belongs to Kalmar County but just a few hundred meters outside the community, you will find the border between Kalmar and Kronobergs County. When you talk about the expression “in the darkest place of Småland”, Målerås fits in the context very well, because the community is surrounded by extensive wilderness and dödismoränlandscape.




Målerås are known for their high and good service.

In Målerås you will find a sport hall who is owned and being operated by Målerås IF, furthermore you find a town park with a music pavilion and a coffee cottage, besides a petrol station, youth recreation centre, bakery, grocery store, shoemaker, restaurant and more.


In Målerås the living environment is high with nature close to home.


Welcome to Målerås.

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