The trail of the future is scenically located in the forests of Småland surrounding the villages Alstermo, Målerås and Älghult which belongs to Nybro and Uppvidinge communities.

Thus we are at the border between Kalmar and Kronobergs counties.

There is much to tell about these villages, but for now we’ll take a look at The trail of the future.


The trail of the future is a trekking and bicycle trail of 38 kilometers, which runs in a loop on existing forest roads. Along the trail, there are lots to look at and to do, depending on your preferred interests.


If you are one of those people who love the wilderness life you may encounter: moose, roe deer, fox, badger, lynx, etc.


If you’re more into fishing, there are excellent fishing grounds here, and the specialty is ”stream fishing Alsterån”, where you may catch: trout, pike, bass, minnow, etc.



If you prefer to pick mushrooms and berries you are in the right place too, as there are many excellent locations for this also, around the trail.


For those of you with botanical interests we can offer a unique flora along the trail.

We must not forget those interested in birds and bird life. Along the trail, there is a bird watching tower with an excellent view over the lake Södresjö which holds a very rich bird life.


We want to point out that we are Northern Europe’s closest wilderness, where anything can happen, you never know what’s behind the next bend. A beautiful view with a rippling creek, maybe the king of the forest, a moose, is standing a few meters away from you, you may suddenly see the trout jumping through the surface of the lake. To conclude, anything can happen in the forests of Småland.  

We cannot  describe everything here, as you must come here to experience all of it.

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