Alstermo are a society with approximately 1000 inhabitants, which lies along the Alsteråns waterside in a very rich wood area.

Alstermo is located in Uppvidinge municipality in the landscape of Småland, belonging to Kronobergs county with Växjö as county town. From Alstermo it is about 40km to Nybro and about 65km to Växjö, Kalmar and Oskarshamn.


In Alsterån you can take a swim or maybe you want to go fishing, or why not take out the canoe. Even other spare time activities you can benefit from are: stroll in the woods, cycle, ride a horse, pick berries and mushrooms and more.

In Alstermo you will find a tennis court, football field, sport hall, firing range. In the wintertime you can test skating or why not cross country.




In the woods around Alstermo you can bump into animals like: elk, roe deer, fox, badger, mink and more. The woods house even a multitude of birds like: crane, goshawk, green woodpecker, black grouse, capercailzie and more. Fresh water fish in Alsterån are: salmon trout, pike, perch, roach and more.


In Alstermo we have a doctor, dentist, post office, bank, different stores, youth hostel, restaurants, library, cinema, information service, youth recreation centre, school F-5, and good bus connection with the world around us.


Welcome to Alstermo.

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