In the heart of  ”glasriket” lies Älghult, a village in Uppvidinge municipality in Kronobergs county with 500 inhabitants.

Älghult have a private school for children class 1-6 and a compulsory school for class 6-9.

In the village you will find stores, a sport ground named “Ekensvi”, and other services. The community lies on a height that’s slopes downhill towards Älghults church and “Älgasjön”.

Here in Älghult you will find something out of the ordinary, since we have Sweden`s only bee-keeper museum.


How to stay in Älghult as a tourist?

You have two different accommodations please pick what suit you most.

1. Boarding house (Vidingegården).

2. Camping ground and caravan site near Älgasjön.


Other things to do as a tourist in Älghult:

Leif Hauge are a competent recycler of glass bottles, bowl`s and more. He has a studio foundry about 6km from Älghult.

Please give him a call before you go to him, if you have a bottle you would like him to make too a wine carafe or a nice water bottle. If you stay a few days he will if he has time make your bottle ready, so you can take it home directly.




Glassworks worthy of a visit:

1. Sjöhyttan about 4km.

2. Alsterglas about 12km.

3. Målerås about 11km.

4. Kosta about 35km.

5. Orrefors about 45km.


Other things worth seeing:

1. Strömfisket in Alsterån about 6km.

2. Astrid Lindgrens World about 100km.

3. Kalmar the uniontown about 80km.

4. Öland about 100km.

5. Karlssons in Högsby about 40km.


Welcome to Älghult.

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